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Dance10 Project stages dance/physical theater performances

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The arepa takes center stage, the piece weaves dance with contemporary tunes and non-linear theatrical vignettes to tell stories revolving around the preparation of the arepa and exploring at the same time, experiences of life, work, and love from Venezuelan and Colombian communities. * (in Spanish/ la pieza es en Español)
The arepa take
August 25 2023 / 7 p.m.
Presented by
El Barrio's Artspace & Caracas Arepa Bar

Spanish Harlem Dance Fest

More information coming soon

Dance 10 Project stages dance/physical-theater performances fusing emotions in motions with multidimensional themes and powerful narratives that resonate long after the curtains close. Dance10 Project's provocative aesthetics combines dramatic lighting, intense visual imagery; often incorporate immersive elements and interactions with the audience, creating memorable experiences and a sense of harsh beauty that captivates viewers.  It is a hybrid collective of dancers, choreographers, designers, producers, who fearlessly explore a diverse range of themes: from cultural identities and government control to fear of terrorism and the impact of technology, from human rights to violence domestic survivors, infusing their work with depth and relevance. They have earn the freedom to reflect, experiment, and create, while sharing resources, risks and benefits. And rolling out public programming: as performances, workshops, and the Spanish Harlem Dance Fest. They are always committed to the cultural enrichment of communities, especially Latino/immigrants, and support independent artists, while capturing new audiences for dance in Upper Manhattan, and celebrating the cultural hybridity of New York City's communities.


Elliott Ortiz has been the driving force behind Dance10 Project since its reestablishment in 2005. As the troupe's Artistic Director, leader and creative visionary, he has played a vital role in conceiving and directing all the productions. Elliott's artistic approach focuses on engaging the audience with thought-provoking themes, socio-cultural exploration, using the power of movement to convey feelings and reflect on shared human experiences. Ortiz masterfully evokes a poetic dimension of Hispanic dramatism in all those choreographic pieces.


Dance10 Project received in 2002 a recognition from the Valleyfield- Quebec mayor’s Office for their contribution to the Québécois community. In 2010, Fresh Fruit Fest Award in NYC for Best Choreography (Future Imperfect). Dance 10 Project Collective is grantee 2022 Creative Engagement grant administrated by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC) and  U.M.E.Z. (Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone) Arts Engagement 2021 and 2022. In 2022, they won 3  L.A.T.A. (Latin Alternative Theater Award), including Standing Choreography and Best Dance-theatrical Production, for the dance-theatrical piece: 5 Paths To Uptown Stories. In 2023, D10 Project was awarded with L.A.T.A. as Best Production Dance-Theatrical for Spanish Harlem Dance Fest 2022.


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