Elliott’s choreographic work is based mainly on stories told and untold, current events, chronicles, truths, and narratives of ordinary life. This artistic synthesis that he calls Dramaturgy in dance, blends choreographed movements with theatrical actions accentuated by intense drama and images; giving life to the visual power of storytelling through motions, and at times mirroring our very own existence.  
Elliott is an instinctive and curious observer who questions and challenges the contradictions between reality and his own perceptions. As a dance artist he explores the exhilarations and sorrows experienced in the paradoxical routines of urban life. These elements drive his process into deep reflection around the vulnerability of the primal and heartfelt behaviors exhibited by human beings which feed and stimulate his creativity. As a divergent thinker Elliott uses the dancer’s body to convert ideas into movement; inviting dancers, actors  and audiences to confront their world, to question, analyze and reflect on societal roles, and simply humanity. While he create pieces , his commitment to conduct artistic projects for communities, and he also support organizations’ works for equal rights. Ultimately, Elliott provokes transformation, inspiring inexpressible changing one’s world.





215 East 99th Street

New York, NY 10029

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