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Arepa Coalition Project


Choreography by; Julieta Valero

Texts by: Lupe Gehrenbeck

Directed & Produced by: Elliott Ortiz



Arepa Coalition Project is an interactive and theatrical-choreographic performance that combines dance, culinary culture, storytelling, music and theater. This unique production takes audience on a journey where the vibrant world of arepa making comes to life; and the making of a Colombian and Venezuelan staple that seeks to highlight a shared story of culture between two Latin Diasporas in New York City.  Set within the enchanting ambiance of a Colonial Spanish home, as a stage: where the open back courtyard at El Barrio's Artspace serves as the backdrop, providing an immersive and authentic outdoor atmosphere that complements the theatrical experience. (El Barrio's Artspace in East Harlem - Manhattan).

The around 120 minutes long performance possess dance-theatrical elements, where the dancing will be performed with contemporary tunes, and nonlinear stories blend with theatrical vignettes and songs. Each artistic element will organically merge with the other to tell stories around the preparation/cooking of the Arepa, while some experiences of  life, and love on Venezuelan and Colombian communities; as immigrants in a celebratory ambiance. * the arepa is the most recognised icon of the Colombian and Venezuelan gastronomic traditions.

Developed by Artistic Director & Choreographer Elliott Ortiz, in collaboration with Choreographer Julieta Valero and Playwright Lupe Gehrenbeck; with Lights/ Stage by John McGee, Sound Designer Oswaldo Ortiz, Costume Curator Mariela Monroy , MUA & Hair by Percy Van Oordt. Project's cast: comedian/actress Laura Bolivar, actresses/singers: Laura Petit & Nataly Bravo, dancers: Leigh Atwell, Cynthia Cortes, Alessia Secli, Julieta Valero and Jonathan Colafrancesco. With collaboration also: Luis Vinoles (Director's Assistant), Jorge Tagliaferro (Stage Manager), Kim Sanchez (Sound Tech), Angelica Guvernez (Casting Director/ Media Supervisor), Esteban Cordero (Singing Coach), Jonny Rueda (Photography), Michelle Acevedo (Social Media Manager), Omar Montilla (arepa art images), Frances Velásquez (Graphic Designer/ Photography) and D.10 Project's production team, and volunteers.

The event will end with the cast and audience members enjoying arepas, tasting arepas provided by Caracas Arepa Bar and its chef Maribel Araujo. Sharing a meal with others would break down barriers, strengthen common values, and contribute to social prosperity; and how the event provides a route to enrich communication between different communities.


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