about us

Artistic Director & Choreographer

Elliott Ortiz

Elliott Ortiz C. is a visionary artistic director, choreographer and producer who has extensive experience collaborating with Performing Arts institutions in South America, Europe, Canada and more recently in the USA. Elliot has choreographed more than forty-five pieces over the last Thirty years.

His choreography ranges from creation of movements, taking theater elements, actions, improvisations, and creating a physical-theater experience through the language of dance evoking a poetic dimension of Hispanic dramatism in combination with Mephistophelean characters that provokes existential reflection.

In addition to his choreographic projects with his own dance troupe (Danza 10 in Venezuela and D10Project in NYC) Elliott is also producing, handles public and media relations, and serves as artistic director and producer (production manager ) for several projects. Elliott believes that there is an invisible element on stage which the audience perceives as sensation and/or feeling, this in
essence brings life to the idea or story from the photographer, theater director, or an event.
Most recently Elliott ventured into the fashion world where he utilized his choreography to help models on the runway, and also design the stage presentation of up and coming fashion designers, including for the New York Fashion Week. 

In early years in his career, his admiration to Sergei Diaghilev, he started thinking beyond of perform dance , Diaghilev  inspired him to become the “boss” (find the designers, find the crew, find the dancers …make a good production) 


BA Theater Management IUDET  - (Inst Universitario de Teatro)  

Caracas - Venezuela   |   1998

AA Drama /Theater IFAD  - (Inst de Formacion Para el Arte Dramatico)

Caracas - Venezuela   |   1989

Special Events Management - NYU     |   New York City - USA   |   2010

Arts Marketing -  SEEDCO    |   New York City - USA   |   2006

Arts & Creative Business - SEEDCO    |   New York City - USA   |   2005


Producer / CEO Wonder Moments

Pilar Cordova

She has participated in the Arts Management Laboratory at DTW.

Her production work includes : Don Pedro Vive, Madre Selva, Un Canto a la verdad Sencilla: Poetry in Concert, Intimate Voices, Rehearsal Space, and short films. She has worked for several Non-profit institutions as producer and administrator. She founded MEDLAM (Movimiento Escenico para Las Americas) and she is President of Wonder Moments.

She has worked for D.10 Project since 2005.

Technical Director

John McGee

He made his theater debut at Equity Library Theater. John has worked for Ensemble Studio Theater, Nat Horn Musical Theater, All Starts Project, Inc –Times Square  as technical director and for John Lane at Ogunquit Playhouse as master carpenter.

He also has collaborated for Fresh Fruit Performing Arts Festival as Light Designer and Tech Director in NYC; While Mr. McGee enjoys designing and building sets and lights, his “true love” is photography (AA from FIT), and he also participated in different exhibitions as photographer.


Choreographer Assistant

Ramon Rivas

This professional dancer started his career in Venezuela, later , making many international tours around the world; he decided to base in NYC, where he worked several years for Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo (NY), GrandDiva and Eglesky Ballet company. His understanding and admiration for the body expression, drives him to Fashion’s world where he had became a notorious runway and etiquette manners’ instructor; including as adviser for Latino Beauty Contests productions and for designers for NYFW


Make-up / Hair Stylist

Percy Van Oordt

This Peruvian born American artist is licensed and experienced in hairstyling and make up artistry  working in different salons, special events , Performing Arts shows and photography projects  , he got certificates in make up and hair styling , by different seminars and schools such as Capri cosmetology school , Mac Cosmetics , Tigi, Wella , Redken, and Vidal Sassoon. His passion for his work makes him very happy to enhance the natural beauty of each individual. He has collaborated and worked for D10 Project’s productions and he is happy to work for this production



Yvanhova Figueroa

Her mother was a ballet dancer, this young dancer originally from Venezuela , she holds a degree from Taller de Danza  Caracas as a Modern Dance Performer in 2004. She also holds a BA in Business Administration from Universidad Central de Venezuela.  Because she grew up between dancers and in a dance community, she has explored other disciplines such as ballet, tango show (acro-tango), improvisation, modern dance, and dance theater incorporating video art, photography and music.  She had the pleasure to work with Ballet Teresa Carreno, TangoXTango, Sinergia Tango, The National Dance Company of Venezuela, Taller Experimental Pisorrojo, Mixed Movement, Palissimo and The Ballet of Connecticut. She has formed a collaboration with independent choreographers like Annette Herwander, Scott Lyon, Lindsey Dietz Marchant, Oliver Steele, Roberto Villanueva and Elliot Ortiz. She owns YvaYoga (YvaYoga.com), a yoga studio in Brooklyn , N.Y., with a growing team of yoga instructors, personal trainers and bodyworkers dedicated to educating their clients and participants in learning about their physical anatomy and physiology in application to dance, movement, and their varying exercise and rehabilitation pursuits. She has performed at the Alvin Ailey Theater, Dance New Amsterdam, New York Live Arts, Movement Research, and The Tank among others. She has toured with dance troupes as guest dancer in Chile, Argentina, Canada, Venezuela and  The United States.