Dance Fest 2022

Spanish Harlem Creative Movement Fest 2022 is a dance festival that celebrates the influence of Latinos in America as a place of migration and mixed cultures; while seeking to showcase dance artists who explore a range of narratives of Latino culture and current issues: immigration, displacement, identity, and transculturation. Featuring 6 dance artists with hybrid choreographic practices (combining dance movements with other forms/styles, including physical-theater, mime, video or incorporating performative methods on stage). Part of The Fest’s plan is the marketing and presentation of dance productions, and create a forum for networking, exchange and support dance artists in Uptown Manhattan.

The Fest will host three stages:

The Fest: Choreographies blended with performative experiences on stage that tell stories about migration and cultures. The work of immigrant dance artists can help immigrant audiences connect with their identities and restore pride in their communities. Making dance and its health, social, creative benefits more accessible and inclusive.

Choreographers Talk: Post show conversations will bring to audience members an open conversations with dance creators and their experiences.

A Dancing Community: Getting a sense of identity and belonging to a locality or cultural group; the activities set for this part could help increase and widen the audience, thus strengthening engagement and impact. Here dance is a connector agent (cultural, social, and creative) to build strong strategic relationships with the health and wellbeing sector. Spanish Harlem Creative Movement Fest and its presenters would serve as community connector with shared vision of comprehensive service agencies to offer support services and key information for immigrants of NYC.

guest judges

Violeta 1.jpg

Artistic Director KR3T’s company in East Harlem

Maryorie 1.jpg

Artistic Director Sol Dance Center in Queens

Luca 1.JPG

Performer/ Choreographer

The festival is headed by Artistic Director & Choreographer Elliott Ortiz
Co-producers: Pilar Cordoba and John McGee, who be associate curators too.


Each choreographer/company may submit up to two applications for Spanish Harlem Creative Movement Fest (each application requires a separate application form, video, and application fee). The fee is non-refundable. We are looking for choreographers who flavor the creative water; and for those stories ripped from mixed cultures, clash of cultures and related issues (immigration, forced displacement, identity, and transculturation)

APLICATION(Download here)

Timeline Submissions:

Open call: From April 04 to May 10/2022

Selected dance artists will be announced: June 03/2022

Orientation meeting: (between June/July))

Tech rehearsals: Sep 13 / Sep 14 (each dance work will have 2 hrs slot)

Live performances: Sep. 15 to Sep 18 / 2022