Elliott wearing other hats and making other movements …


Photography , the movement of “portraying “. The experience on the performing arts shows and projects give him a really “sharp eye” on details , caring on details drives him to work with photographers as Art Director.

As Art Director, he thinks “  is an invisible element into the project, however the public perceives this as “sensation/ feeling”, which is servicing the idea or story, from the photographer, theater director, or from an event…”


Creative ambassador

Event planning, promotion and media relations/production, there are part of his  extensive experience in performing arts production . Through his previous experiences in theater management ,programming, and  raised by himself his own Dance-Theater company : Danza 10 (in Venezuela) and later D.10Project (NYC) ; including experience as Programming Chief for Teatro Juares between 1991/1993, Chief Producer Teatro Juares 1998/2001, Producer Associate for MEDLAM (NYC 2005/2008), Programming Coordinator for El Barrio’s Artspace (NYC) 2016/2018.  He has gained hands-on skills in coordinating the artistic technical and administrative aspects of producing performing arts shows.

The Theatrical Movement

Physical Theatre is a crossover between dance and drama where many forms of movements take shape. Many physical styles of movements and theater, the dance (not necessarily "dancing") and moving make his choreographic work to take the place from the verbal narrative , not necessarily linear … and from the theater : the “characters”, narrative , relationships between the performers and the bodies are “wrapped” by the choreography to express the feeling.