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5 Paths to Uptown Stories

A Dance-Theatrical piece

October 29 & 30, 2021 | @ 7:30pm

October 31, 2021 | @ 4:30pm

El Barrio's Artspace / The Black Box Theater

New York, NY 10029

This choreographic work is presented on stage​ that

emulates a "maze/cage", with clear plastic walls as urban playground of dance, music and drama. With a diverse cast of dancers, singers and a drag-queen.

Cast: Ellen O'Brien, Alessia Secli, Sara Grassi, Luca Villa, Roy "Chicky Gorgina", Yvanhova Figueroa.

Artistic Director/ Choreographer : Elliott Ortiz

Tech Dir/ Lights : John McGee

MUA/ Hair/ Costume Coordinator: Percy Van Oordt


Everything Around Us

Version 2019 (remake)

May 10, 11, 17, 18  | @ 7pm

El Barrio's Artspace/ Gallery Space/ New York, NY 10029

​A dance/physical theater performance, where the human adventure is  reshaped by six dancers and one actress through their characters, with distinguishing gestures, abstract movements that sculpt emotions and enrich the choreographic language .

This choreographic piece describes the world around us with simplicity, some humor and poignancy. Cast members: Belange Rodriguez, Raymond Rivas, Carlos Gonzalez, Luna P. Carreira, Yvanhova Figueroa, Elliott Ortiz.

Artistic Director/ Choreographer: Elliott Ortiz

everyth fran 18.jpg

Orzaneaux Art space

( crossed collaboration project)

Orzaneaux Art space

(gallery NYC)


Jun 21 to Aug 30. 2018


A series of portraits of people representing characters from their imagination. 131 images. 83 people were photographed.


Curated by Miguel Rivera

Art Direction by Elliott Ortiz

​Photographer : Carlos David ( head of the project)


Everything Around Us

premier Quebec- Canada

(original version 2015). Presented by

Les Fetes Internationales du Theatre, organized by IUTA & Valleyfield College. Spring 2015


An excuse to create characters and situations to describe the world around us. the performance dramatizes urban events by blending modern dance forms with contemporary tunes,  poems, and theatrical expression   Everything Around Us is Dramaturgy in Dance


Performers: Yvanhova figueroa, Jonny Rueda, Elliott Ortiz & Students of Drama Troupe of Valleyfield.College

Artistic Dir./ Choreographer: Elliott Ortiz


Photos by Marc Bruxelle

dark wind ppal foto.jpg

A Dark Wind With
Female's Name

crossed collaboration with BIP & El Barrios Artspace

A choreographic piece that reflects some experiences , facts during Maria hurricane passed through Puerto Rico.integrated poetry and sketches movements, offering an emotional call to climate action

A theatrical-dance performance for La Patria Resiste. Choreographed by Elliott Ortiz & Heber Romero. With poem by Papoleto Melendez. El Barrio's Artspace Gallery 2018

Clark Center & El Barrio's Artspace Dance Festival

A crossed collaboration with El Barrio's

Artspace and The Clark Center

Oct 19 & 20 / 2018

Dancers and choreographers from both institutions meet to celebrate dance in East Harlem New York.

Dance 10 Project collaborator

Production Coordinator : Elliott Ortiz


Untimely Movements

Dance Festival

April 28 & 29, 2017 | 7:30pm

Untimely Movements it is a Dance- Show structured as a collection of unrelated short stories which express the metaphor of “Time Passing. First cross collaboration with dancers & choreographers from El Barrio's Artspace and special guest: KR3T's Dance Company (Violeta Galagarza). This fest was organized by Elliott Ortiz & D.10 Project

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