Spanish Harlem Creative Movement Fest 2022

Spanish Harlem Creative Movement Fest 2022 is a dance festival that celebrates and examines the influence of Latinos in America as a place of immigration and mixed cultures; while seeking to showcase dance artists who explore a range of narratives of Latino culture and/or current issues: immigration, forced displacement, identity, and transculturation. Devoted to the multicultural nature of New York City, the festival boldly responds to the blurring of cultures from different diasporas. Featuring 8 dance artists with hybrid choreographic practices (combining dance movements with other forms/styles, including physical-theater, mime, video or incorporating performative methods on stage). Dance10 Project intends to provide opportunities for positive exposure and career advancement in dance making to underrepresented, emerging artists, especially Latinos, dance artists of color and LGBTQ members. The Fest wants to expand the creative force around contemporary dance by increasing the audience's knowledge; bringing cultural enrichment to those communities through dance-theatrical performances and set a platform for dance in East Harlem, also known as Spanish Harlem or El Barrio; which is one of the largest predominantly Hispanic communities in NYC. Also, the festival is a way of showing that dance as a social activity can entertain, educate, and connect communities, and dance as diplomacy tool can bring people together and combating racial stereotypes. We want to make a difference and make it palpable; then The Fest will host three components:

The Fest will host four components:

The Fest: Live dance performances on stage that tell stories about immigration and cultures. The work of immigrant dance artists can help immigrant audiences connect with their identities and restore pride in their communities. 6 dance pieces, 20 dancers. Sep. 15, 16 & 17  (7pm). Tickets are free for all performances, you should claim those tickets through Eventbrite link

Choreographers Talk: Post show conversations will bring to audience members an open conversations with dance creators and their experiences, their inspirations, their process; and it would be moderated by local personalities: Sep 15 conducted by Rhina Valentin (Producer, TV Hosts, Actor). Sep 16 conducted by Alejandra Geithner (Producer, Coach, TV Host)  and on Sep 17 conducted by Angelica Guvernez (Model, TV Host).

Dancing Strokes Exhibition: This exhibition plays with theoretical concepts of movement, light and rhythm; and how those elements can insinuate motion and create the impression of “action”. It invites the viewer to find the link between a live dance aesthetic and that being reflected in the artwork. Curated by Gustavo Fernandez. With pieces by : Alfredo Mele, Jon Barwick, Kadeem Bancroft, Uniko Bermudez, Manny Vega, Josh Klatt, Carlos David, Gustavo Fernández, John McGee, Marc Bruxelle, Jefte Valle, Ana Soto and artists Reynaldo Castro & Manny Vega will perform body painting on dancers’ bodies ( Sara Grassi & Luca Villa). On display from Sep 07 to Sep 18. Opening night Sep 07 at  6pm

A Dancing Community:  Here dance is a connector agent (cultural, social, and creative) to build strong strategic relationships with the health and community : Sep 14 at Dance Studio (Lower Level El Barrio’s Artspace). 4:30pm jazz for children by Leonel Linares & Maryorie Flores / 6pm Yoga beginners  by Yvanhova Figueroa / 7:30pm Tango beginners by Dragan Ranitovic. * contact us for prices

The festival is headed by:

Artistic Director & Choreographer Elliott Ortiz.

Co-producers: Pilar Cordoba and John McGee, who be associate curators too.

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Violeta 1_edited.jpg

Artistic Director KR3T’s company in East Harlem

Maryorie 1_edited.jpg

Artistic Director Sol Dance Center in Queens

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Performer/ Choreographer

Guest Judges

Spanish Harlem Creative Movement Fest 2022

Selected Choreographers 

 Visionary choreographers take the first edition of Spanish Harlem Creative Movement Fest. Eight (8) choreographers: María Gracia Pérez, Arianna Aquino, Julieta Valero, Stephanie Peña , Leonel Linares, Chien-Ying Wang, Yvanhova Figueroa and Irene Ruiz-Rivero come together with a distinguished program that celebrates the richness of Latinx culture and other immigrant cultures; with seven (7) dance pieces and 20 dancers will take the stage at El Barrio’s Artspace this coming September. These dance artists with different backgrounds from Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, USA, Taiwan, they are bringing a little spiciness, dance vibes, in their dance works including issues such as immigration, clash of cultures, gender equality, diverse inclusion; among others.

Ariana Aquino

Chien-Ying Wang

Maria Gracia Perez choreographer.jpg

Maria Gracia Perez

Yvanhova Figueroa

Leonel Linares.JPG

Leonel Linares

Julieta Valero 3_edited.jpg

Julieta Valero  

Stephanie Pena choreographer Afro-latina_edited.jpg

Stephanie Peña


Irene Ruiz-Rivero


Claim your free tickets:

Exhibition Opening night: Sep 07 (6pm to 9pm)

Dance Shows: Sep. 15, 16 & 17 ( at 7pm)  performances + post-show conversation.

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